Social gospel? there isn’t any other kind.

You read the news; you know how bad it is. We are a land full of vulnerable people led by a handful of quite powerful people.


For nearly 20 years, UrbanSpirit has a progressive voice for social change — the reality that biblical faith calls us to be better neighbors. Youth and young adults from across the country have counted on us to make it real, to tell the truth.

Now, we’re pushing the conversation further.

Among the challenges churches face is the need to help raise young people who learn early to push the Jesus agenda — the anti-empire resistance that he lived.

That’s what we do.

For 2020, we’ve rebuilt our middle school social justice camp. More Than Just™ will take young people into a world outside their own, but in a familiar setting.

Take a look at our More Than Just™ Camp, and give us a chance to invite your kids to see the world a new way. We promise not to waste your time, or theirs.

(If you’re here about our week-long simulation of life at minimum wage, stay tuned. We’re retooling that program, and expect to bring it back shortly. If you are interested in something in the meantime, email deb and let's talk.)


how will you change the world? 

“At first this was totally not fun for me, but as the week went on, I really came to appreciate this experience. I can’t stand the fact that people have to live like this. I want to make a difference in the world. Thank you.”