urbanspirit goes on sabbatical...
Over the 15+ years that we've been teaching and leading, the national conversations have changed. People, important people, are finally talking about poverty, racism, the criminal justice system, health care and all the rest, in ways they haven't since Franklin Roosevelt. We are gratified to be part of the grassroots activism that has made this happen. 
For now, while we figure out what happens next, our board has decided to take a short break from programming, time to regroup. If you are interested in something in the meantime, email deb and let's talk. 

a world where everyone has enough. 

a place where people-of-faith and
feel what poverty feels like, 
claim a new vision of justice, 
learn to confront systems and renew communities, 
desire to end poverty. 

people who are bold enough to believe it can happen... 



how will you change the world? 


At first this was totally not fun for me, but as the week went on, I really came to appreciate this experience. I can’t stand the fact that people have to live like this. I want to make a difference in the world. Thank you.