advanced leadership ii & iii

Done with the Poverty Simulation, but want to keep growing? You'll want to explore our advanced leadership events. 

level ii

The next step is our Level II: Leadership for Church and Community. Or as we call it, "Life like Jesus, but without the crucifixion." 

In this week-long event, you'll learn to bring change and work for justice -- to become a powerful force in your own community. The simulation is about seeing poverty with fresh eyes. Level II is about making a difference, a week-long how-to event, including how to be an advocate, talk to your elected officials, challenge stereotypes, build relationships across class lines, and more.  

"As a business owner, I've done lots of leadership seminars. This is by far the best event I've participated in; I wish I'd had this training 20 years ago." 

Yes, we have beds. When you do Level II, you are no longer part of the simulation event. You'll live in our climate-controlled dorm, have regular meals and snacks, enjoy a greater degree of discretionary time for relaxing and play. You may even call out for pizza! 

You'll also work hard. In conversation with community leaders, activists and neighbors, in seminars with our staff, in group-led discussions, and in our Internet Cafe, you'll explore issues, connect with resources, and discover the unique sound of your own voice raised in advocacy.

You can become a Powerful Social Irritant!

level iii

Then, after you've completed Level II, you'll want to consider the next step: Level III, an examination of systems and privilege. We're happy to work with your college to help you get academic credit for this course! 

Program Dates and Costs

This is a specialized training, and is scheduled in conversation with an interested group.

Cost for this program is $350 per person. That includes all program fees and leadership, lodging and meals. If you've been here as a leader in a simulation and come back as a leader for Level II, we'll waive your fee! (Limit one per group.)

To Register for this Event

  • You must have a group of 10 or more, including 1 adult for each 6 youth, but 2 adults minimum. (You may want to join up with other congregations who have completed the simulation!) 

  • Participants must have completed 9th grade.

  • You all must have completed the Poverty Simulation Week.

Email us to start the conversation.