urbanspirit goes on sabbatical...but you can still take a look at the kinds of programs we're known for:  

poverty simulation

High School through Adult

Our signature event, the Poverty Simulation Week is like nothing you've ever done. It is not a typical "mission trip" and more than merely a retreat. We will lead your group through a life of poverty. From the moment you arrive, you step into the world of the working poor -- those tens of millions of Americans who work hard and never really get anywhere. 

I believe in my heart that every day this week God was talking to me...

Poverty, you'll soon see, isn't just about money; it is about what you eat, where you stay, how you work, how much or little control you have over your circumstances, what surprises and anxieties you encounter day-to-day, and how it never ever ends. What would it be like to be a single parent of 3 living on minimum wage in America? We’ll help you find out. You’ll work, live and pray, earning low wages and trying to provide the things your family needs. Of course, no simulation is perfect, but this one will push you to your limits and leave you wondering how we let people live this way. Food, shelter, health care, child care, work, hygiene, transportation, leisure— all these and more become part of the challenge as your try to build a life from scratch.